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Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
Let us be brutally honest here ( pay attention out there in Idaho )

What the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels and Rangers do means very little to the White Sox. The Sox compete with Detroit, Cleveland and Minneapolis and maybe once again Kansas City.

NYY spends - Boston tries to keep up - well fine the markets can support it.
BUT what those teams wind up doing should not effect the White Sox one iota.

The AL Central was designed by Selig to help one team.....and one owner...and in 2005 it worked...otherwise not exactly.

Going into 2012 I feel for KW - ( and JR as well ) - Rios and Dunn on paper looked like a slam dunk in 2011.

But for the love of gawd can White Sox fans ignore what happens in the AL East ( and now the West) and just focus on the Central????

The White Sox
You're wrong Fenway. If memory serves me correct you don't play the AL Central to get to the World Series. Eventually you'll have to compete against the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Angels, etc...
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