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Originally Posted by JohnTucker0814 View Post
You're wrong Fenway. If memory serves me correct you don't play the AL Central to get to the World Series. Eventually you'll have to compete against the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Angels, etc...
A high payroll does help over 162 games - but not as much in a short series.

And while it is true that the White Sox do play NYY, Bos, Tex and Anaheim during the season - so do the other teams in the Central.

The Twins didn't dominate because the Pohlad's were spending money, they simply had better baseball people. The Tigers may overspend now because Mike Ilitch wants to win before he dies. Ilitch also doesn't mind if his teams lose money because fans flocking downtown will wind up spending money at other venues that he owns. (casino, Hockeytown etc). The Tigers and Twins are drawing better at the gate, but they also have the advantage of being the only team in the market and playing downtown.

It boggles the mind that the White Sox can not put back to back playoff runs together. But for whatever reason JR will not clean house and bring in new people top to bottom. Just look at 2 proud hockey teams that floundered for decades - the Blackhawks and Bruins. Nothing changed until the front office was cleaned out.

Ponder this over your morning coffee - if KW was fired this afternoon how many teams would be calling him to make him their GM?

The whole concept of the three divisions can be traced back the White Sox being fed up with being in the AL West. When Fay Vincent tried to change the divisions he wound up getting fired because the Tribune did not want to see the Cubs being moved. Of course then you had the insanity of St. Louis being in the East and Atlanta in the west.

The White Sox wound up being screwed when they were sent to the AL West in 1969 but at least then it was a pure geographic move - but the story I was told than in 1972 it was the Brewers who were moved East and not the White Sox simply because the powers than ran MLB just assumed the White Sox would soon leave Chicago.
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