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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
2012 Draft bonus pools have been released.

The White Sox are allotted $5,915,100 for 11 picks in the first 10 rounds. The extra pick is Buehrle compensation.

For reference the White Sox spent $2,126,300 on draft bonuses in the first 10 rounds in 2011, and $2,786,300 total on the draft.

Keep in mind, with the new CBA a team that exceeds its bonus pool by 0 - 5 percent must pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. The penalties increase, with a 75 percent tax and the loss of a first-round pick for a 5 - 10 percent overage. There is a 100 percent tax and the loss of first and second round picks for a 10-15 percent overage. Last is a 100 percent tax and the loss of two first-rounders for an overage of 15 percent or more.

Also quite significant is that If a team fails to sign a player in the first 10 rounds, its draft cap is reduced by the assigned value of his pick.

Can see each team's bonus pool here.
Wow, that's an eye opener, even if we only signed 8 players out of the top 10 rounds.

So I wonder what Jerry budgets for this year: Was his cheapness in the draft before more keeping in lockstep with Bud and his slotting system or just plain cheapness...
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