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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Because this bubble will burst eventually.

Attendance is actually on a decline and will continue to decline with the rising ticket prices in order to pay for these outragous contract. Not all teams/markets have the TV Contracts to supplement this problem.

Exanple the Sox.
It is?

Also, again again again again again again again, the key factor here isn't number of butts in seats, it's amount of cash those butts paid to be in those seats. Sure, if you're looking at a straight attendance chart, if in Year A we averaged 35,000 fans per game, and the next year, Year B, we averaged only 25,000, that would be a disaster, but not if ticket prices went from $10 in Year A to $20 in Year B. Even with a 28% drop in attendance, you're still looking at a 43% increase in revenue.

The bottom line is players get these deals because the owners can afford them. These guys are enormously successful businessmen, they know what they're doing, what they can afford, etc. Don't buy into their "golly gee whiz, I had no idea what I wuz doin!" play dumb routine.

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