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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
If the argument is that there is only room for one MLB team in Chicago, while there is a market for a MLB team in the suburbs, the SOX are the logical team to move when the time comes. As mentioned, the core SOX fanbase is no longer on the south side of Chicago.
I think it's quite the opposite, if there was one team that could have theoretically convinced their fanbase to follow them to the burbs, it might have been the Cubs (still think that would have been an enormous long-term mistake, however). You guys don't really think all the people crammed at Cubs games are only from the city's North Side neighborhoods, do you? Frankly, the Cubs' following the suburbs is probably greater than the Sox's. The Sox, OTOH, are already suffering from building a modern era ballpark a year before they became obsolete, another gigantic misstep and in a few years they'll essentially be the A's.

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