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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I think it is fairly obvious that a majority of White Sox fans think that the 2013 season has been and will continue to be a disaster. Most call for a massive rebuild and I cannot argue with that.

However, I believe the White Sox need much more than that. A few years ago Rocky Wirtz saw that his team was a failure on the ice and at the gate. He began to make to serious changes, and the results have been amazing. The Hawks won a Cup that alluded them for almost 50 years. The United Center is rocking again. And even if the Hawks cannot beat the Bruins, they have accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. How did this happen? Business as usual went out the window. The Hawks have a chance to become a true, elite NHL team.

The White Sox need someone outside the organization to come in and analyze what has gone wrong. They are on the verge on their first last place finish in 24 years, and merely trusting Rick Hahn alone to turn things around doesn't make sense to me.

This organization has been on a treadmill. It is time for serious change - not only changing players.
So what you're saying is we need to be ****ty for a long time, hope the owner dies, and become trendy. Got it.
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