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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
FWIW - Schwarber is hitting .231 against lefties but .350 against righties.

I'm thrilled with the Sox pick based solely on the myriad scouting reports I've read. Funny how the Cubs and Sox have such different philosophies when it comes to the draft. Cubs seem to focus on hitting above all else whereas the Sox have traditionally gone after college arms. Neither has won anything so I guess we'll see which wins out.

Still, it'd be nice if the Sox would stop focusing on "toolsy" athletes - Walker, Barnum, Thompson, Mitchell, etc. and instead get some prospects that can flat-out hit. They just don't seem to be very good at 'refining' raw talent and we end up with a bunch of really fast players who don't get on base or hit for average. Rinse and repeat.

I'm with you there. If a player doesn't have an instictive knack for hitting prior to being drafted, then there is a small chance of them being a stud hitter. I want proven hitters that work all fields and don't strike out almost every game.

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