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Originally Posted by MarksBrokenFoot View Post
No, I deflated your argument because it contains a logical fallacy. Appeal to authority, or "I'm right because this expert agrees with me." If you have an idea and evidence, present it. If you're going to hide behind Cooper's skirt, get out of the way and let him post.
Well, the point I was making is that it's awfully early in Sale's career to be making definitive statements about the course it ran; if Sale's elbow explodes in 2 years, were the Sox really better off pushing him to start over leaving him in the bullpen where he was also elite? I don't have the answer to that question.

My "idea and evidence" are that Cooper and the Sox have been the pace setters in the Majors for years now at scouting, developing, and protecting pitcher's health. If a burden of producing evidence falls on anyone, it's the folks in this thread who seem to think themselves as superior to the Sox in this department. So tell me why John should start in the bullpen; do pitchers recovering from shoulder surgery really perform better if they're eased into the rotation? Has something concerned you in his rehab that makes you think he's not ready to start in the Majors? Or are you just being contrarian because it's the easy position to take, the one that lets you walk both sides of the line; if Danks pitches well and proves the Sox correct, hey, that's good! And if he pitches poorly, you can just point to this throwaway thread, puff your chest, and tell everyone how right you were despite making these objections with absolutely no evidence to support your position.

I really don't ****ing care, either way, keep on posting. The amount of time I waste wading through this bull**** is worth it for the hilarity it provides me.

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