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The difference in Olympic basketball is that if someone gets hurt it's generally in the summer. The NBA isn't playing there is time to heal plus by and large since the Olympics allowed the top NBA players to participate the U.S. has fielded very, very good teams. Not guys out of the D-League.

Olympic hockey there is a risk yes but the top nations are sending their best teams so I accept that.

Have no opinion on the World Cup since I don't follow or care about soccer.

The WBC has no tradition, no history and was a forced idea by Proud to be Your Bud Selig. It's also played at a time when the individual players need to be in camp playing for what really matters, the 162 game regular season in MLB.

That is exactly why owners would never allow the season to close down to allow the top players to play in the Olympics when they still had baseball. What matters is the regular season---not worth getting a guy hurt for a staged exhibition. Owners wouldn't forgo the money from lost games and didn't want to risk injury. They compromised with Bud on this but I know from speaking with some folks in the front office that they don't particularly like the idea.

I won't go so far as to say they discourage players from participating but it's close.

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