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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
So what you're saying is you think they should get in because there is no conclusive evidence that they cheated? Well, you can have them. At least the BBWAA doesn't agree with your assessment. Smaller parks and body armour don't account for a complete body transformation. I don't need any lawyers to tell me what my eyes can readily see.

I still say the HOF voting is a joke, but if they keep these clowns out, I'm ok with that.
Well you were saying that what the players were doing was illegal and I was just pointing out that it wasn't as simple as that.

And do you really want the BBWAA making HOF decisions based on eye tests? These are the same writers who would see a player arrive to spring training with 30lbs more muscle, and write a glowing article about their off-season workout routine. They were complicit in the explosion of the steroid era.

Going back to cocaine - should Tim Raines get the same treatment as the steroids group? How many bases did that extra boost help him steal? The cocaine didn't hamper his performance; as Oil Can Boyd said, it was the lifestyle and the lack of sleep from partying all night that hampered performance. Cocaine was the only thing that kept those players going.

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