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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
More people live in the burbs than in the city. That's a fact. Bridgeport is not the center of anything as just to the east is 100 miles of lake.
Looking at a map of the Metro area I would say that Elmhurst is probably the population center of the metro area with an equal amount of people living north, south, east and west. This is a guess but I bet I'm not far off. A stadium located around I 294 and I 290 would not be a bad spot. The CTA could extend the line that runs on the Ike.
Hillside is called the hub of the suburbs for a reason. I lived by 290/294/88 by St. Charles for much of my life. We just moved from one side of the bridge to the other in the late 90s. My Mom still lives in Elmhurst. In my 20s, I probably would've been a season ticket holder. Since I still live only ten mins. from the proposed land, I probably would still venture to the ballpark more. But, I'm one person. Had the ballpark been built where Dave and Busters now is, they probably wouldn't be drawing much more than they do now.

Had they built the park there, they probably would be trying to get back into city ten years later. By the late 90s, it was cool to be in the city again. I never bought into this, but lots of 20 somethings did. The casual fan always makes a difference at the gate. I saw plenty of them in 2006. Us die-hards don't like it, but that's how it is.

Quite honestly, I never found traffic around the ballpark be that big of a deal. Of course, I probably been there so many times, I know my way around.
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