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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Yeah, let's completely ignore the six or so other starters who can't hit to save their grandmother's life, the atrocious defense and the shoddy bullpen, as well as the fact that Dunn's been the best hitter on the team for about two months now.

Totally Dunn's fault.

Originally Posted by balke View Post
Past 2 months? He had a hot June 4th - July 4th - that's all. (11 HR)

Dunn currently back to earth for the year.
.227 .328 .449 .777

Dunn Since All-Star Break:

Viciedo Since All-Star Break:

Past 30 Days:

Jordan Danks
The sox on may 26 were .500 at 24-24. Since then? 32-60. Dunn only does well when his team is tanking. He can't handle pressure and doesn't contribute to winning. Please retire.
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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