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Default Posting at What's the Score

What's the Score is to hold baseball posts otherwise cluttering Sox Clubhouse and Talking Baseball. If it's baseball and it's nonsense, it goes here. Specifically:

Pale Hose conspiracies,
Runaway rumors (or made up trade ideas), and
Lovable Loser laments.

What's the Score has nothing to do with the media!

If something is just a baseball rumor, or is just your idea for starting a rumor... it goes in here.

If something is just a rant about a perceived injustice/conspiracy by the Sox with little or no foundation... it goes in here.

If a post is primarily about the flubbies... it goes in here.

If it's just another nasty post about the same Sox or baseball topic being drilled home day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year... it goes in here.

We'll keep all the baseball related nonsense confined to one board so each poster can read it or avoid it as they see fit.

Enjoy Sox Clubhouse and Talking Baseball for general Sox Fan fun and serious talk about baseball. For all other baseball talk, "Hey dude, what's the score?"