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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
I'm just looking to gather any information I can on him. He seems to have climbed out of nowhere to put up some amazing numbers (so far) with little to no acclaim. I suppose the acclaim will be there if he sustains them.

I'm curious as to what position he is most adept at playing, since he seems to be able to play all over the infield and even caught and pitched in college. Also, Larry over at SouthsideSox always refers to Retherford's "clubfoot." I'm unsure if he is referring to a lack of speed, or perhaps an awkward stride, etc.

Either way I'm excited about him, and I hope his K rate drops a bit (it isn't terrible) while taking more walks.
CJ was born with a clubfoot. He had corrective surgery as an infant/toddler. The Doctors that conducted the surgery stated that the surgery should allow him to walk normally, but doubted that athletic activities would be truly possible. As a result he does kind of have a noteworthy gait.

As for the K/BB rate: It's at 1:4 roughly and he is shooting for 1:3. His placement in the line up is challenging that goal a bit though, I think. They are choosing to pitch to him instead and getting ahead more often than not. Can't say I blame them though with so many prospects at the top of the order.
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