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Originally Posted by SoxNation05 View Post
I think you're being very dramatic.

Sure, I acknowledge that the Sox core is average players with generally expensive contracts and that our farm system lacks an abundance of potential. But does this mean we cannot make a trade or two? Not at all. Every team has players that another team could use.

Hahn took a leap that we were trying to contend when he signed Peavy so it is assumed that we are going for it this year rather than a rebuild/retool. We have had a weak farm system for a long time and that has never stopped us from striking a deal. There are certain things that initiate teams to make moves other than potential; primarily contracts, money, demand, etc.

Now whether the Sox have the assets to trade for Justin Upton or David Price is a different conversation. You thinking no one would make a trade with the Sox because our organization lacks potential is bogus.

Considering Reinsdorf has said our payroll was reported higher than it actually was last year and we will be around the same level this year, makes it seem that we still have some (maybe not much) money to spend.
I hope you're correct. I don't think the Sox will definitely be a bad team next year, I just don't see a lot of guys with high individual trade value that they'd be willing to move.

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