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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I think Doub is right as well. I mean, our farm system is still bottom 3 in baseball, probably still the worst. We don't have a ton of movable mlb parts, maybe Floyd. Thornton's value is low, Crain is coming off an injury filled season. It also may not make sense to move these guys now.

If Thornton and Crain are at all time lows, why trade them now? Why not let them go out and see if they dominate Spring Training and get some scout/GM excited and over pay?

At the MLB level, who is there to move offensively? Beckham has next to no value, Vicideo doesn't make a lot of sense to trade, De Aza looks like a solid but nothing special lead off man... and creating a hole to fill another, that makes ZERO sense.
It might make some sense to trade De Aza if you can get someone who is young with some degree of potential in order to take a long term approach beyond 2014. Unfortunately the White Sox are kind of stuck in a holding position while waiting for these bad contracts to expire.

Go Sox!!!