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Default News coverage before Black Sox scandal broke

As I prepare to edit my final paper due in less than 24 hours, I ponder one of the points I make.

I tried to think of how I could shape the coverage of the Black Sox scandal before the story broke late in the 1920 season as irresponsible reporting. I decided that not enough investigative reporting was done between the end of the '19 Series and late September 1920. I know all the appropriate actions were eventually taken and nobody involved was likely to say anything to the press, but with a little more digging, perhaps Hugh Fullerton and the other sportswriters in town could have had more than just the rumor mill to work off of during that season. Perhaps then, the story would have broke sooner and thus, the game would have been cleaned up sooner.

I know this wasn't like uncovering a plot to harm President Wilson, but for the sake of honesty in reporting and in baseball, I don't think the public should have waited almost a year for the rumors to become fact. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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