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The Whitesox have had alot of good staffs. I think some of these are better than 2005.

1906 Whitesox
Frank Owen
22-13w/l 109era+
Nick Altrock
20-13w/l 123era+
Ed Walsh
17-13w/l 135era+
Doc White
18-6w/l 167era+
Roy Patterson
10-7w/l 121era+

1917 Whitesox
Eddie Cicotte
28-12w/l 174era+
Red Faber
16-13w/l 139era+
Lefty Williams
17-8w/l 90era+
Reb Russell
15-5w/l 137era+
Jim Scott
6-7w/l 143era+

1937 Whitesox
Vern Kennedy
14-13w/l 91era+
Thornton Lee
12-10w/l 132era+
Ted Lyons
12-7w/l 112era+
John Whitehead
11-8w/l 114era+
Monty Stratton
15-5w/l 193era+

1954 Whitesox
Virgil Trucks
19-12w/l 135era+
Bob Keegan
16-9w/l 122era+
Billy Pierce
9-10w/l 108era+
Jack Harshman
14-8w/l 128era+
Sandy Consuegra
16-3w/l 140era+

1964 Whitesox
Gary Peters
20-8w/l 138era+
Juan Pizarro
19-9w/l 135era+
Joe Horlen
13-9w/l 184era+
John Buzhardt
10-9w/l 116era+
Ray Herbert
6-7w/l 100era+

1972 Whitesox
Wilbur Wood
24-17w/l 126era+
Stan Bahnsen
21-16w/l 88era+
Tom Bradley
15-14w/l 106era+ Gave Rich Gossage his Goose nickname
Dave Lemonds
4-7w/l 108era+
Eddie Fisher
0-1w/l 73era+ had 4 game starts.

1983 Whitesox
Lamar Hoyt
24-10w/l 115era+
Richard Dotson
22-7w/l 130era+
Floyd Bannister
16-10w/l 125era+
Britt Burns
10-11w/l 118era+
Jerry Koosman
11-7w/l 88era+

1993 Whitesox
Jack McDowell
22-10w/l 125era+
Alex Fernandez
18-9w/l 135era+
Wilson Alvarez
15-8w/l 143era+
Jason Bere
12-5w/l 122era+
Tim Belcher
3-5w/l 96era+

2005 Whitesox
Mark Buehrle
16-8w/l 144era+
Freddy Garcia
14-8w/l 116era+
John Garland
18-10w/l 128era+
Jose Contreas
15-7w/l 125era+
Orlando Hernandez
9-9w/l 88era+

It seems the Whitesox go 10-20 years for a lights out pitching staff so maybe Chris Sale will be the next anchor of a lights out staff in a few years.

I hate to leave the 59 Sox off but 1954 staff was just better. Also apologys to the 1967 and 1920 staff.

1972 staff was a interesting staff with only 4 starting pitchers. Wilbur Wood, Stan Bahnsen and Tom Bradley started 130 games for the Sox. It reminds me of a staff from the 1880's.

The 1937 staff really wasn't all that great but I wanted a staff with Lyons on it. Plus that staff had Stratton and Lee too.

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