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RIP "Perimeter" Perez.

In addition to that incident (1982, I think) he was also famous/infamous for plunking Alan Wiggins on the first pitch of a 1984 game with the Padres. Padres pitchers tried to retaliate against Perez in his next three at-bats but Perez managed to avoid getting hit until Craig Lefferts finally got him in the 8th. Three bench-clearing brawls later, there were something like 20 ejections, a dozen suspensions, and several fans arrested. Bob Horner, who was on the DL with a broken wrist, even got dressed and came down to the dugout for some action. He stopped Champ Summers from coming into the dugout to go after Perez (with the help of a couple of fans). Crazy ****ing game.

And FWIW, in the early 1980s the signage on the Atlanta interstates was pretty lousy. Even today, with all the crazy lane assignments and the other three interstates bisecting I-285, it's easy to miss your exit and get lost if you don't know exactly where you're going. Even if you managed to get onto the Connector (I-75/85) and could see the stadium, back then if your didn't know where you were going once you exited, you could quickly find yourself in one of several surrounding undesirable neighborhoods.
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