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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
You said "all." Don't try to change it now. Of course, those who have an opinion are going to be more vocal than those who don't. Nobody is going to say "player X will never get injured" because that's ridiculous. So, they'll either have an opinion that player X will get injured, or not have an opinion. Those who have no opinion generally will be silent on it.

You backed yourself into a corner; admit it. YOU think he's going to get injured, and you invented a unanimity of opinion among "experts and scouts" that doesn't exist to support your position.
Yeah, like 12 posts ago I altered it.

And seriously, WHAT THE **** is the difference between what I said and people claiming there's no reason to believe he'll get hurt. That's not only an absolute, it's ****ing flat out wrong.
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