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Originally Posted by sox1970 View Post
Because the leagues didn't play each other during the regular season until 1997. The leagues had separate umpires, league presidents...the were separate. One league's best team had nothing to do with the other league's best team. So the only fair thing to do was to alternate home field advantage.

Now, if they wanted to change it to best overall record, I could accept that. But giving it to the winner of an exhibition game is just about the most stupid thing in baseball. It's embarrassingly stupid for MLB to do it that way.
Considering low little crossover play there is between the leagues I don't think that's very far, either. In 2005, for example, the Cardinals finished 1 game better than the White Sox but if you look at the strength of schedules across the league, the American League was decisively better than the NL that year.

I don't see how people could watch last night's game, where there was a significant effort by the players to win and play well, compared to the downright embarrassing half-assery that the NFL and NBA put on and say that the idea hasn't worked beautifully?

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