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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
It is very hard having these exchanges with you when you are constantly changing narrative, moving goal posts, ignoring overall points, etc.

I think FIP is a fine indicator of how a pitcher is pitching during a season. But I'm not even talking about that.

So bullpens all of a sudden are the culprit for differences in ERA and FIP?

Do you actually believe that the deGrom extension and it's value relative to his age and abilities/results are in a vacuum stuck in time on March 27, 2019? 8 months ago... And have literally nothing to do with another pitcher of a similar age, high end potential, same term, minimal to no inflation occurring, etc? You think teams when they are spending over a hundred million dollars just make up these contract numbers?
As I mentioned previously, FIP and xFIP are calculations of pitching that use earned run average, ballpark effects, managerial decisions, bullpen success with inherited runners, and luck into account. Bullpens have a very strong effect on the difference between ERA and FIP. ERA doesn't take bullpen success rate with inherited runners in to account at all. In fact, ERA is only effected by a bad bullpen and not at all effected by a good one.

You keep saying you understand FIP but then you say things like I'm moving the goalposts when I explain to you why ERA and FIP are different. I don't think you understand FIP...

On DeGrom...I think players take a lot less money when they are signing extensions, and even less than that when they're not even a free agent.

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