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The only part of that trade that was poor was losing Gio. This is all hindsight. Thome was a monster and was great. Rowand was, well, not very good, very Rowandish.

Thome did not cause the White Sox to become station-to-station. The middle of the order does not do that. The 6-7-8-9 hitters do that. Guys like Crede, AJ etc.

That said, the reason the White Sox missed the playoffs in 2006 was pitching, still is pitching, and will always be pitching. Buehrle and Contreras ran out of gas. If they don't suck down the stretch, we are back in the playoffs.

The biggest thing people always forget about this trade, had we kept Rowand and Thomas, Konerko signs in LA. He said that, he said he was ready to leave UNTIL the Sox got Thome.
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