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Originally Posted by Bob Roarman View Post
Oh bull****. Come on, the 70s and 80s alone. Don't even have to go into the first rumblings of steroids around McGuire and all the backlash that got from fans and fellow journalists when he was first questioned. Those people were outcast who dared to do that. When will you stop believing this sanctity of the game act? People knew. Fans were more than happy to ignore it until it became unavoidable. Writers until it became a viable story.
People want a clean game. They want to believe they are following a clean game. It was difficult for people reach the conclusion that they weren't following a clean game. That does not mean they accepted a dirty game. It does not mean that they are hypocritical for wanting a clean game today and in the future.

You are operating with the benefit of hindsight and leaps of cynical and logical faulty reasoning.
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