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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
It's Caray, not Carey. And as far as I'm concerned, he's not welcome. He became a Cubs shill after being a hyper-critical analyst with the Sox.

Harry Caray was hyper-critical of the Cardinals and A's before he came to the Sox. Curt Flood wrote in his autobiography about how much the players hated him. Of course, they won championships during the Harry Caray years, and there were players he revered, such as Bob Gibson. And the year he was with the A's, the team was ready to break out on a dynastic championship run with Reggie Jackson and company. In his first regular-season announcing day with the White Sox, Carlos May got an RBI triple by hitting a home run and not touching home plate. From there, as the gangsters might say, it was on. But being hyper-critical of the White Sox played better with their fans than being hyper-critical of the Cubs would have. The Cubs paid him enough to wrestle him from the White Sox where he was popular and abandon all of the ethics that had been the foundation of his announcing career to become popular with the Cubs.
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