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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
I saw that the Braves promoted 4 of the best prospects in their system to Gwinnett to stack their playoff roster.

With the Knights having improved their playoff chances, I expect some promotions for them as well. Charlotte's biggest weakness is starting pitching and I could see Flores getting pulled up (especially since Kubat is keeping his head above water). Maybe another of the older starters like Banks too, though I'm not sure how many soft-tossing lefties are needed.

Birmingham has a very strong bullpen and it will be interesting to see who gets the callups. Dopico is one of the older ones, and solid, but the Sox might want to challenge Heuer or Tyler Johnson or someones else who they see in Chicago next year.

Among the position players, I could see them promoting Sheets and playing him over Reed. Charlotte is also thin at third base so someone less deserving might get a shot.
Interesting idea. Could also send Detweiler or Santiago back down. Torres has actually be tearing it up at Charlotte so they might want to leave him alone at 3B at least until AAA figures him out. He is hitting way better than he did at AA so either he got promoted because he was doing something not showing up in the numbers or he's going through the first time through the opposing teams hot streak when no one knows him and that might last through the playoffs. They've also got Mercedes who has been playing there off and on.

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