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I'm intrigued by the idea of signing Ozuna, handing SS to Leury or Yolmer with the other (or Mendick) as utilityman, moving Anderson to RF and moving Eloy to DH. I think Anderson is too erratic to stay at short but his speed and arm could win Gold Gloves in right. Garcia/Sanchez are more fundamentally sound at short than Anderson, and Madrigal is going to be just fine at second.

I'm also intrigued by keeping all three of McCann, Collins, and Mercedes so there'd be some pop on the bench. I'd give Abreu one more year (keeping the spot warm for Sheets or Vaughn) and Engel one more year (buying time for the current AA outfielders). That's 13 position players, should be sound defensively and very good offensively, with a decent bench -- and it depends on only one FA signing.
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