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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
But a bad team could do that. And should do that. No way should they leave Rutherford unprotected.
Agreed on Rutherford, if they leave him unprotected he'll get picked up, I don't think there's any chance the Sox let that happen. But could you really imagine a team trying to put Hansen on their MLB roster all season? He's a mess right now at AA, he has major control issues and basically taking a season off to serve up batting practice in blowouts is not going to help him iron those issues out.

And signing Nova would be so White aging, declining marginal 5th starter and pay him 50% more than his market value.
If the Sox make one big SP acquisition (let's say Bumgarner), I could see them also re-signing Nova as depth to cover innings until Kopech/Rodon are ready.
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