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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
There has certainly been progress but what frightens me is that the core of players the Sox can build around now is very reminiscent of the core they had in 2014 that they couldn't build around.
How so?

According to Baseball Reference, here was the starting lineup for the 2014 Sox: Flowers, Abreu, Beckham, Ramirez, Gillaspie, De Aza, Eaton, Viciedo, Dunn We did have much in the minors other than Anderson, Matt Davidson, and Avi

Moncada>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(x10) Gillaspie
Anderson >>>>> Alexei
Jimenez >>>>>>>> De Aza
Robert (potential) >>>>> Eaton
Madrigal (potential) >>>> Beckham
McCann > Flowers
Abreu and Vaughn (future/potential) ~= Abreu (2014)
RF < Viciedo (but perhaps at least one of Rutherford, Walker, Adolfo, etc. can surpass what Dayan did for us)
DH....Collins? Sheets? Surely someone can be better than Dunn/LaRoche

Where is this reminiscence you speak of?

Starting pitching:
2014 core: Sale, Quintana, Danks, Erik Johnson, Noesi
2019 current/future core: Giolito, Cease, Kopech, Lopez, ???
It's tough to beat having Sale as your ace, but that 2014 rotation looked terrible after Sale and Q. Our current core looks like it could potentially have 3 TOR pitchers even before we get to what Lopez, Dunning, Stiever, or a FA signing might do.

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