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Originally Posted by Flight #24 View Post
Isn't this the case for any team except possibly the favorites? Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers - pick your team and there are ifs and a bunch of things that need to pan out. For a team at this stage of the rebuild, things are going really well. But because of the stage, there are more uncertainties than teams that are not at this stage (but that's the case independent performance and wholly dependent on being mid-rebuild).
Not really.

Your ideal place is the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, etc.

But just because we're doing a rebuild, it doesn't mean that we are on a proper path. The Sox are not doing the thing that all of these successful rebuilds do, have a top payroll to finish it.

The Cubs and Astros both did that. If we do not start competing on a financial level, our only hope will be going on a Royals one or two year run while the players hit their peaks. It took the Royals two decades of failed rebuilding to pull that off.

Otherwise, we could just be the Pirates. A perrenial fring playoff contender without susbtantial results.

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