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The pitching core is not as deep as I'd like....and Cease and Kopech still have a lot to prove. Lots more question marks than our core lineup guys. But, I still like the upside of them plus Giolito.

Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I more worried about this brain trust placing the right bets on the FAs or veterans we need to trade for than i am about the prospects turning out.

Dunn, Keppinger, Laroche, Samardzija, etc- not much of a track record.
Agreed. This is my biggest concern. To become a championship team, they need to spend top dollar for at least one high-quality arm and one high-quality bat. Otherwise, this effort will likely fall short. This FO's track record in that regard isn't good. But that's a different argument than whether our internal core is anything to get excited about.
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