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The only part that gets me is how damned sure folks are that this is all going to fail when historically players rated as high as Sox prospects have been have performed well in the majors, especially Moncada, Robert and Jimenez should all be expected to have excellent careers as middle order bats based on historical trends.

I'm as optimistic about the rebuild as almost anyone on these forums and I admit I am still waiting for things to play out to see if my expectations are correct, but I don't see anyone saying "sure fire World Series winners" in 2022 (or whatever), but on the other side I see plenty of people willing to step out and say, "this will never work and we're doomed for a long time until we start the next rebuild".

I find that perspective odd, though I suppose it's just a way of hedging your bet and saving yourself from pain. If the rebuild fails you can simply point and laugh and say "told you so" but if it succeeds you can say "GO SOX!" and pretend you never doubted things at all or maybe offer up a "Glad to be wrong!" and go about your business after having rained **** on everyone's head for weeks and months and years.

So damned shell-shocked people don't know how to be happy when things are finally turning our way again...

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