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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I think that point is being missed by some fans. 2020 isn't a go-for-broke year for this team. They obviously need to take another big step forward, but that might mean an 85-win season or, as you say, WC contention if things break the right way. I'd love to seem them make the post-season in 2020, but the window is hardly slamming shut if they don't.

Hahn has talked about RF and DH being the main lineup need this winter. We'll see if they follow up those words with actions. Two quality pick-ups there would sure look good in a lineup with Yoan, TA, Eloy, Abreu, Robert, McCann/Collins, and Madrigal.

I hope they're looking to get at least one high-end starter. Preferably a serviceable 4th or 5th starter to a shorter-term deal, too.

Some of these moves may take place next off-season and not all in one winter.
80-85 wins would be enough for them to be in WC contention most of the season.

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