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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Most years it would but this year the second wild card winner won 96 games, last year the second wild card winner won 97 games.

And while I know you are not advocating for this (and I'm not sure anyone here is) I think the idea of building a team that can win 80-85 games and hope for some lucky breaks is a bad idea and what led to the disappointments of 2015 and 2016.

Jim Margalus had a great post this morning about the season and where things stand with the rebuild (the positives, the negatives and why some people are anxious).
The .500-ish team flirting with Wild Card contention is acceptable, if this is viewed as a 2-year process instead of a 1-year process. Itís perfectly reasonable to do the free agency shopping over 2 offseasons instead of 1, as long as the TOR starter is this yearís headliner. Then go all-out for Betts next year, hopefully with a .500-ish season and a bunch of budding young talent as an extra selling point.

I like Mookie better than Machado or Harper anyway. Heís an easy guy to root for, like a lot of the other guys on our team.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and letís fight tomorrow.
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