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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Well, first off, I don't believe I ever noted that I took those calculations as gospel, I only provide the information as a courtesy to other posters in these threads because we have these constant discussions where people **** all over the sabremetric stats but then fail to ever A) bring them up, B) put them in proper context and C) even bother to ****ing understand what they're measuring. For instance, dWAR is not calculated using errors or fielding percentage so yet again, your understanding of the stats you're trying to refute is so pathetically minuscule that anyone who spends 15 seconds on Google is more of an expert on the subject than you, so you're free to believe whatever you want about the big, bad sabrematrician boogeyman lurking out their to ruin all the fun of baseball.

But, and as I believe I have always noted when discussing the subject, even though I don't put a lot of weight, even if dWAR and ZR are calculating using such witchcraft as multiplying and adding things (EGADS, THOSE NERDZ) I can tell from having watched baseball for 20+ years that it is still a more reliable metric than errors and fielding percentage, which is a completely and utterly useless waste of everyone's time, if for no other reason than *******s like Orlando Cabrera can call the official scorer's office and bitch enough to get an error overturned, what more proof needs to be said? If you still put any credence into it, then I just can't help you. ...
I don't know, have never known anyone who advocated that a fielding percentage of x or y numbers of errors at any given position translated to specific numbers of wins. I don't think I have ever, even while talking in my sleep, have defended the value of fielding poercentage. Errors raise red flags, but I would never judge any player's defense on any metrics, and wouldn't trust anyone who did.

Orlando Cabfrera lobbying th official scorer the way Ron Santo used to do is irrelevant to the discussion. It doesn't change my point that any metric that purports to show that a player cost a teach x number of games on defense during a season is invalid unless you can show which games the player lost.
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