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Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
Fair enough.

I'd rather have Shields than Sanchez. I'd rather have Shields than Floyd.

And they didn't need one SP, they needed four.
You have to look at it, however, as Shields vs Sanchez (Floyd, whomever) and Myers. I'd rather overpay Sanchez at SP and have Myers making the minimum in RF than trade for Shields and have Francoeur in RF for $7 million (and some cheaper free agent SP, or Montgomery or Odorizzi in the long-term) and Ervin Santana in the rotation for $13 million.

Basically, I think a bunch of bad contracts given out in past years and in this offseason forced Dayton Moore's hand into making a move that, while it might pay off to have a team approaching .500 in 2013, is a spectacularly bad decision for the long term for Kansas City. By 2015, they might have Davis in the rotation or pen still; but Shields could get a bigger contract elsewhere; while Myers is just getting arbitration for the first time Tampa after a couple solid years in RF; Francoeur could be out of the sport altogether; while Odorizzi and Montgomery might be having some success for the Rays (and as Doub and others have pointed out, perhaps less Montgomery there and more Odorizzi).
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