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Default My Sox Summer - 50 games for under $500

Hello fellow Sox fans! I am just putting this out there for you guys to see. I recently (April) moved from Sterling, IL into Chicago over by Sox Park. Since I moved I have been going to a bunch of games being that I am under employed and work mostly from home when I do have work to do. A few weeks into the season I decided to try and see if I could do this, 50 games for under $500. I usually get tickets at the game from people with extras. I usually spend about $10 a game. I will bring my own water and peanuts from time to time, but rarely do I spend much on extras at the park.

I decided to blog about it so you can read and follow my progress at-

I am also on FB -

I post pictures and scans of the tickets to make it more legit. I am not an author so it is lacking on the verbal end, but a bunch of folks have told me that they like it. I am at Game #23 and have a total of $152 spent. Frank Thomas and Jermaine Dye have re-tweeted it to their followers on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter- @mysoxsummer

Just wanted to share. Thanks guys!

Hope we can steal a few in Detroit! I will be at the next 3 games vs the Twins!
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