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Wow. Good job on taking the initiative and hiring this guy to do the research. One of the things Arte Moreno did when he bought the Angels was a bunch of fan surveys, which lead to him decreasing ticket prices, making beer cheaper, and many other things. Obviously the Angels are in a much different situation financially and market-wise, but listening to the fans has worked for them. I hope this study leads to more comprehensive change in the Sox' marketing and public relations.

This is huge for the Sox. I don't think it will turn things around and create a huge amount of enthusiasm about a "new direction" for the franchise (because I don't think anything short of new ownership would do that), but I think it will help create a buzz about the team. You've got to get people into the park to build fans. You have to make a good atmosphere which looks enticing on TV. That's what the Cubs did. The Cell is not and never will be Wrigley, but the same concept applies. Nobody likes sitting in an empty park. Hell, even if you only fill the lower deck (I believe 28,000) that will look SO much better on TV broadcasts. People going to a handful of cheap games now, be they fans or just people looking for something to do, are going to be more likely to spend much more money on the team later.
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