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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
My thought exactly - I am in the premium lower deck box but not in the "primo" sections within 15 rows of the field and close to the plate. I will probably trade down next year because the pricing differential looks to be substantial- unless they could be move me down and closer to the field (which I hear every year "there is nothing available" and yet I meet new STH's that moved into the "primo" areas). It doesnt make to pay the premium prices if you are on the fringes.
Correct, those really good seats should be get special "gold box" type status and pricing. First 5 rows between the bases would command a serious premium AND could probably get naming rights money yet those ticket holders pay the same as the seats in the last row in those sections. The only people who would complain would be the long time ticket holders who have those seats.
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