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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Then why didn't the Cubs just pounce on that opportunity? Rosemont would have bent over backwards to lure them from the city. There's a reason the Ricketts are about to spend another half a billion dollars of their own money to stay in Chicago, moving to the suburbs would be an enormous, historical blunder. You can keep advocating for the minority of suburbanites who don't want to drive to the city or ride the L, but they're a distinct minority. You can't make everyone happy, but you don't disenfranchise the majority for the sake of the minority.
You ever think that only so many people want to go to city ball park? And that cubs park for all reasons previously mentioned reasons (location, historical etc) is the preferred choice for these people? Like it or not, the cubs have a stranglehold on the fans that want to go to a city ball park. There are not enough of these type of fans to support two, only nyc can do this, no other city has.
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