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I canít presume to tell other people how to feel.

However, I disagree with the idea that todayís game has no strategy and is based all on feeling.

I find many things interesting and thoughtful about launch angles and exit velocity and spin rates and pitch tunneling. A lot of brain power is going into how to maximize certain skills, and how to deploy those skills to get 27 outs (when pitching) and to score as many runs as possible (when hitting).

I also realize itís not for everyone, and thatís OK.

Baseball changed when Babe Ruth clobbered homers, and changed again when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. It changed when it started to be played on artificial turf in multipurpose stadiums and domes, and changed again when it went back to grass. Tommy John surgery changed it again, and now advanced mathematics and high resolution cameras are changing it again.

What I like about baseball is that it can change and yet still remain fundamentally the same game.
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