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Yeah. Everything that could possible go wrong for the Tigers did last year and they still won the division. They've addressed two of their holes with star players, and are benefiting now from a full year of Sanchez in the rotation, which 1-5 is probably the best in the AL. And people think their over under is the underachieving number that a much worse Tiger team put up last year? If the Tigers win only 89 games, it's because you're looking at the standings in August. The Tigers are far and away the best team in the American League now, probably the best team in baseball. I know how this board seems to hate pundits, but there isn't a ranking or listing out there that doesn't say the exact same thing. Most have the Tigers winning 100+ games.

edit: Do not take this to mean I think we should not compete this season. I don't think there's any chance we win the division, true, but there are two wild cards. And we're not prospect heavy; we need to be trying to win now. It's probably our current core's last chance at it. We're probably not as good as last year (I don't share the optimism that Danks coming back from the type of injury he is will be better this soon), and we're a few pieces away from being good enough. Like I said, Michael Bourne would solve a lot of issues for us. Marquee leadoff, great defensive OF, and gives us a great LF platoon of Viciedo (who can hit lefties) and De Aza. Solves leadoff, makes defense better, makes bench stronger, makes Viciedo's black hole at bats against righties go away. And really, the team is lacking in marquee talent compared to other teams. We need something like this.
I must have missed the news of Miguel Cabrera's relapse last season.
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