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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Both Buster Olney and George Ofman (another Cub-fan reporter) are reporting the Cubs will look at offers for him because they don't feel they can re-sign him when the time comes (Boras is his agent) and are trying to create some salary flexibility.

Doesn't mean they WILL deal him, the offers in return would have to be along the lines of what the Sox got for Sale but it is interesting.

You also wonder how bad that shoulder injury really is.

Plus if they are considering offers honestly that tells me that unless they deal him they have very little chance at getting either Harper or Machado, no salary room since they are up against the Luxury Tax.
If I were a GM inquiring about Bryant my first question would be how bad his shoulder is, he seemed like a different guy after that injury and if the Cubs think they’d be better without him, it would give me great pause before I made any deal.

Go Sox!!!
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