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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post

If that is the case I'd would be worried about a lot more seasons than 2014, it would mean they are in full re-building mode since I don't see a lot of immediate help in the minor league system.
What I'm hoping for is to keep the pitching staff intact, trade guys like Rios, Alexei, DeAza and Dunn and add a couple really good free agents.
I'm not sure what we could get for the guys I mentioned but we are in last place with them so lets get some new faces in here.
I hope you're right, but are we in an era when there are no such thing as really good free agents? With the money that's sloshing through Major League Baseball, there are few teams that have to release talent for financial reasons like there was even a few years ago. Secondly, teams seem to sign their good young talent to long term contracts while they are still in their arbitration eligible years and taking them out a few years after they would have become free agents. Sale's contract is a prime example. What you are left with are a few very expensive guys at the peak of their careers looking for money and years covering their inevitable post steroid era decline (Pujols.)
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