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We've sure come a long way from when DJ became the Wally Pipp of broadcasters, when Steve Stone filled in for him and everyone, including myself, thought they were made to broadcast together.

Since that time it is obvious, even when the team was playing well, that this paring was reaching a divorce stage.

It is obvious Hawk's vision is really taking a hit, as now we have too many 'STRETCH' calls that don't even make the warning track, too many missed play calls because of the story telling, and those patented bursts of silence that have plagued the broadcasts too often over the last several years.

As much as I like Hawk and have defended him for several decades and will miss him when he does finally hang it up, I would have no problem if the team revamped the broadcast, if it was done on both the radio and TV. Seven years of Farmer as PBP has made the radio broadcast worse and worse. I actually prefer DJ when he does PBP.

Too bad we can't get Dan Shulman to pair with DJ on the radio, and then get Tommy John with Stone for the TV broadcasts. Then we would have the best paired announcers in the game.

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