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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
Rozner and Spiegel. Spiegel mentioned that he got the info from someone "very close to the team" and wanted to share it. Prefaced it with saying how he normally doesn't do something like this, and he's not a guy that has sources or info very often, but felt that this part of the story was important to pass along.
Suspicious old me thinks that this one smells like "someone from the team" decided to leak the information and chose Spiegel as the patsy. Who might the someone be? Let me start the speculation with the name Don Cooper. This is not a decision the Chairman made by himself, but he had to be in the loop, since he saved the bacon the last time AJ was up for a contract and didn't this time.

Oh, well, Bears TE Ditka burned his bridges similarly and eventually came back as Coach Ditka. So we may see AJ again.
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