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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Is there any actual reason people seem to think this is what the Sox are planning
I don't think that as of November 14, this is what the team is planning or wants. But if Youkilis signs elsewhere (which is certainly a real possibility) and the team isn't able to trade for a third baseman, the options seem to be Morel, Sanchez or Viciedo. Sanchez seems like a reach to be the opening day third baseman. Morel is, well, Morel and if the bottom third of the order is Flowers-Beckham-Morel, God help us all.

I think it is generally easier to trade for or sign a decent leftfielder than third baseman -- especially if that leftfielder is seen as only a temporary fix until the young outfielders in the Sox system (e.g. Thompson, Hawkins, Mitchell) are major league ready.

Rick Hahn has already said he would consider Viciedo at third for next season, so I don't think it's implausible that he might open the season there. No one will ever confuse Viciedo for Brooks Robinson, but the Sox have a long and tortured history of playing people out of position (Hudson at 3B, Beckham at 3B, Swisher in CF, Mackowiak in CF, Ozuna in LF, Valentin in CF, Valentin at 3B, Fisk in LF, Santo at 2B etc.) So that's the basis for my prediction. It's not what I'm hoping for, but it's what I think will happen.
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