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Originally Posted by WLL1855 View Post
When did we get a sports medicine professional on staff here? Dr. James Andrews is that you?

I'm not shocked this kind of crap keeps reappearing though. Didn't someone a while back advocate Sale getting Tommy John surgery before any problems even appear with his throwing arm?

Work out a deal with the guy through his arbitration years. At least. Sneak in an option year or two if you can with a fair buyout.
Originally Posted by blandman View Post
They're not my words, they're the words being repeated over and over by multiple scouts. You don't have to believe them, but those people are paid for their opinion.
Come on, this time last year all the way until the 2012 season ended, Peavy and Sale were the China Dolls of the pitching staff who were 100% destined for the 60-Day DL per the experts at WSI.

Oh, of the five guys who who were in the starting rotation on Opening Day 2012, the only ones who never saw the DL during the season were.......Sale and Peavy.

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