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Originally Posted by kevingrt View Post

I completely agree with you. Let's face it you have to make risks in baseball with all money being guaranteed. This I feel is a worthy risk. Even if he has Tommy John guys have been coming back fairly fine 12-14 months after Tommy John. I totally believe this is a risk willing to take rather then waiting two years, watching Sale continue to be a top 5-10 pitcher in the league and then get some crazy money offer Reinsdorf and the Sox cannot match.
Actually, guys tend to come back stronger after Tommy John, which is why a lot of pitchers overwork in the minors and get it over with early.

Pitching is not a natural motion of the human arm. So no matter who you are, there will be issues, other than the few iron men who are exceptions rather than the rule. There is zero proof that Sale can have the injury-free longevity of a guy like Randy Johnson.

The Sox have been cautious with Sale, but so were the Nationals with Strasburg.

IMO, there's room here to make a deal. The Sox are risking that he could be paid well to sit out 18 months and Sale is risking that he can improve further and increase his future earning power.

Unless Boras is representing him (who always pushes for the max), I think a deal makes sense to both sides.

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