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Originally Posted by MeteorsSox4367 View Post
Although it was a little bit of a pain to drive through on the way home from work yesterday around 5, it was nice to see cars lined up to park on 35th for the game.

Scott Merkin mentioned something on Twitter about a walkup of 8,000 fans. That's cool.

As for watching the game on TV, Benetti mentioned something about fans not needing seats when Kopech reached two strikes on a batter because they were all up cheering and hanging on almost every pitch. That was amazing to see.

I know I was talking to the TV more than I usually do during games. I also liked the cameras capturing Kopech speaking with Lopez and gesturing how quickly his heart was beating at the start.

Looking forward to watching Kopech pitch Sunday. And if anyone from the Sox' marketing department reads any of these comments, please remember the bigger and taller Sox fans when ordering the Kopech player-t-shirts.

I wish the kid well. I hope he does great things for the Sox.
Yesterday was the first time in about six years that I was so jazzed to watch a Sox game. I didn't just have the game on for background noise or because nothing else was on TV like I usually do these days; I actually sat on the couch and paid attention to every pitch. I even found myself talking to the TV, encouraging Kopech to "go after him" when he had two strikes on a hitter.

There was an energy at the ballpark that came through very well on TV, and I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm in both Bennetti's and Stone's voices while Kopech was out there. I don't know the last time I saw Sox fans up on every two-strike count (the blackout game?), and that was great to see. I only wish the rain hadn't come, so I could've been entertained for at least a couple more innings. As soon as the bullpen came in, I lost interest.

I can't wait to watch Kopech pitch again!
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